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Hi, I’m Rajesh Vummadi.

Founder Director & Growth Partner

A seasoned customer success professional with more than two decades of work experience and passionate about helping customers across multiple geographies to solve their business problems through cutting edge software solutions.

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WeNXT Incorporated with the thought process of winning together and having sustainable business growth. We are not here to compete; we are here to collaborate. For a successful and long lasting business relationship, we will be an integral part of customer problems and add Value by providing sustainable business solutions.

Changing Times

We all are aware, History timelines refer to BC / AD, But in the 21st Century Information Technology era we need to factor in Pandemic. The business outlook has changed from Pre Covid to Post Covid era. The Whole world is adapting to ‘The New Normal’, We have No exception.

The New Normal

With increase in remote working and contingent worker expansion, building critical skills and competencies are extremely crucial. At WeNXT, We are committed and we will strive to support our customers to adapt to The New Normal.

I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me

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